The Hottest Hairstyles, Cuts and Hair Care Trends in 2019
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While the ball goes down, hair trends go up, since they evolve and change with each new year. From the colors we choose to dye our locks to the cuts we sport each season, every lap around the sun presents a new opportunity to upgrade and transform our hair. Runways, fashion houses, celebrities, political events, influencers and a slew of other factors impact what is considered modern and Instagram-worthy. As we soar into 2019, here’s what the experts predict for hair color, styles and advancements you’ll definitely be hearing about.

1. The skinification of hair.

According to experts, 2019 will see major shifts in the hair care industry, influenced by innovations borrowed from skin care and the wellness movement. We’re talking about a rise in scalp masks, hair serums, hair supplements and more anti-aging ingredients—like hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin C and other antioxidants—infused in your daily shampoos and treatments. A shining example of this is Oribe’s Power Drops Damage Repair Booster – 2% Linoleic Acid.

“Shoppers are looking to improve the quality of their hair with skin care-grade ingredients,” says Dermstore Beauty Buyer for the Hair Category Joanne Lee. “And brands are responding by positioning their assortment around the importance of building a solid hair care regimen, and how the scalp is also skin and therefore deserves the same amount of care.”

2. Personalized hair care regimen.

Client Education Lead at eSalon, Courtney Goebel, explains that while skin care brands have been creating a personalized approach to treating acne or fighting aging, hair products are finally taking note and following lead. She says that in the last year, there has been a surge in beauty, hair and wellness to provide personalized routines and formulas for individuals, rather than mass market.

“We predict the upcoming year will continue to push the envelope with even more products that are made to order and unique to you. We are such fans of the creation of products to fit you, instead of you fitting into a general box. We feel customization and personalization has just started to hit the ground running and we can’t wait for more innovation,” she shares. This might look like filling out an online quiz to discuss your hair issues and goals, building out a hair care regimen based on your hair type or concern, or a shift in at-home dying kits that go a step above.

3. Super shiny hair.

Remember when models sauntered down the stage, sporting hair that looked wet in the 1990s? Welp, it’s back! As hairstylist Michael Sparks shares, it never quite left since plenty of celebrities show off their shine, but in 2019, it’ll have a rebirth and emergence. “Extra glossy, straight hair [that] gives a professional, polished and expensive ‘dream girl’ look that is extremely versatile and can go with any style will be popular next year,” he shares.

Not everyone’s hair is obedient enough to remain straight as a board, so thankfully, there are techniques and products that Sparks recommends to test this trend for yourself. First step, he says, is to flat-iron your hair after you blow-dry it post-shower. Then, you’ll need a high-shine miracle worker like R+Co’s Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray. “I love this product because it adds shine to the hair while taming frizz and static without weighing hair down,” he says. “Make sure the hair is completely dry and then spray this evenly throughout your hair. Then, break up the hair by running your hands through it.”

4. Bangs, baby.

Not everyone has the face shape—or the patience—to pull off bangs, but if you’ve always wanted to give it a go, consider scheduling an appointment with your hairstylist to discuss a game plan. As celebrity hairstylist and founder of Nelson J Natural Salon in Beverly Hills, Nelson Chan, explains, retro-futurist bangs, bobs and bowls are coming back strong in 2019. In fact, a few Disney teen actresses have already cut their hair off, making the ’80s short hair popular. It’s also made its way to high fashion, since Givenchy showed off boy-cut hairstyles on their models at Paris Fashion Week, and Miu Miu picked bob cuts in Milan, Chan says.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and go bold, he recommends using a cream pomade at the ends of your hair to create more texture and volume. An easy one to work with for beginners is John Masters Organic Hair Pomade, where a little goes a long way.

5. Ultra long locks.

Nope, you didn’t read this trend incorrectly: very short and very long are in season in 2019. This means all of those shoulder-cut styles should choose their direction if they want to remain on-trend in the new year. Celebrity colorist and owner of COLOR Salon at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Michael Boychuck explains that in stark contrast to pixie cuts and short bobs, lengthy, flowy and mermaid-like hair will reign popular.

“Classic yet relevant, super long hair is a sultry look that can be pulled off with the right hair care and cut,” he explains. “You can work with your stylist to determine the shape of the cut, whether a blunt straight edge or fringed layers. The key is truly in the cut.”

If you want to maintain the length, you’ll need to make sure your hair is moisturized, since Boychuck says super-long hair starts with healthy strands. He suggests Phyto’s Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment to keep hair supple and strong to promote growth.

6. Crazy, beautiful braids.

Chan shares that not only will braids continue to be stylish for 2019, but they will be more exceptional than ever. “At Paris Fashion Week, a lot of designers incorporated braided hair into the runway looks. At Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Chanel, the models had wood-beaded boxer braid hair, and then a slew of tightly woven cornrows inspired by a powerful, pagan-like warrior,” he explains.

Even if you’re not exactly schooled in the fine art of weaving your hair, Chan shares that it can be done with the right products (and a lot of practice). To have better control and hold, he suggests Rahua Cream Wax.

7. Big, voluminous hair.

Not only are the ’80s back, but the ’90s are making their way to 2019, too. Hair designer and co-owner of Oon Arvelo Salon Elvin Arvelo predicts supermodel-inspired, blown-out hair. “We’ve been doing the beach wave for a while and I’m sure it’s still going to be around, but women will want to change it up a bit with the big blow-dry to add movement. This trend will be the ‘next step’ from the beach wave,” he shares.

If you want to try this at home, he suggests applying Oribe Volumnista at the roots for that extra lift, and Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray to the rest of the hair. “Then, blow-dry hair using a round brush before pinning hair in big pin curls. When you take out the pin curls, brush out,” he explains. “You can also use your fingers at first to see how much wave there is. If there is too much volume, use a brush to soften and bring volume down.”

8. DIY root touchups.

While Goebel explains that it’s no surprise people will pull back on the purse strings after the holiday season, she thinks most will be budget-mindful about beauty expenses over the next year. Instead of shelling out the dough, she thinks more people will turn to quick fixes.

“When refreshing color at the roots, we’re likely to see a lot more people reaching for temporary solutions to tide them over in between applications,” she continues. “Temporary root concealers—especially in aerosols, like Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray—can be used for multiple purposes, from concealing gray hair or hiding dark roots if you’re blonde. They can also bulk up areas around the hairline with just a few sprays,” she shares.

Another way to hide roots is to change your hairstyle. “Zip that hair into a high topknot or low chignon and hide that part line with slip Silk Scrunchies. These oh-so-soft hair ties won’t snag the hair, preventing breakage,” she recommends. “Their soft sheen adds to any outfit and makes running out the door looking chic a snap.”

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